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Welcome to Cigarette Recipes

Welcome to Cigarette Recipes.  This site's purpose is to help RYO(roll your own) and MYO(make your own) smokers find a brand of cigarette rolling tobacco that tastes like their favorite brand of commercially made cigarette.  Here you will find the experiences of cigarette makers and the results of time and money spent on making their homemade cigarettes taste like the brand they used to smoke.

Every smoker has a brand of tobacco that they prefer over all the rest, and whether it was name brand or generic, most smokers smoke the same brand of cigarettes regularly if not always.  The flavor of each brand is slightly different than the others.  The cigarette tubes used are made of different types of paper and the type of tobacco varies on where it was grown.  Then the cigarette companies add all kinds of flavoring, preservatives, extra nicotine, and other fillers which make each flavor of each brand unique.  This presents a challenge to the smoker who wants to cut back costs by switching to a less expensive brand, because their experience with an unfamiliar flavor that isn't the right strength or isn't as smooth as they expect.  So, they continue to pay more for their usual brand.

The same challenge is presented to folks who choose to embrace the MYO or RYO concept which is saving smokers as much as 80% on their costs.  The large savings alone is enough to keep the pickiest smoker on board.  Fortunately, there are many brands of tobacco available for cigarette rollers, including pipe tobaccos which cost as little as $10 per pound.  The pipe tobaccos come in many different flavors that can be combined to create blends of tobacco that mimic the taste of certain brands of commercially made cigarettes.

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For example, I used to smoke Marlboro Blend No. 27.  I found that Premier cigarette tubes combined with  Golden Harvest Robust Blend pipe tobacco makes a cigarette that tastes almost identical to my all-time favorite brand.

I did a test with some colleagues that smoked different brands of cigarettes, including generic and menthol.  Using their feedback, this guide to blending your pipe tobacco was created.  Now, you have some insight on which tobaccos may suit your needs for flavor and strength.  Read on and feel free to leave comments or your own cigarette recipe ideas in the comments section.

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